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Go visit the  EAGLE EYE Gun Club INDOOR RANGE

851 Pic Parkway, Wentzville ,  MO  63385

For your next Gun, Accessories, Target Practice, Conceal Carry Certification / Permit and Personal Instruction Classes.


Have Great Fun with a wide selection of Fully Automatic Rifles to use.

Enhance your shooting skills with Indoor IDPA / Realistic Tactical Training Practice

Here is the Shooting Skills Guru Jerry Miculek with some Shotgun Speed Loading tips & equipment.

Here’s  the ONE AND ONLY Julie Golob  at the 2014 USPSA Championships

IDPA  First match of the year, 2014   Green Valley Gun Club , Columbia, MO

Here’s Diana Hufstedler  and be sure to check out this link:


World Record Jump…. WOW  how cool is this !!


Dustin Pluth takes 2nd place in the Tri-State IDPA Competition in Memphis Tennessee


Dustin Pluth takes 4th Place from the 2012 Illinois

                      IDPA  State Championship


Dustin Pluth takes home 3rd Place from the 2012 Arkansas 

IDPA State Championships

Mirandas got the right idea!

 Here some of our favorite ones to start with …… (We may seem to be a bit partial towards the Springfield Armorys line of guns, and for good reason. But we do like others too!          You know , that      diversity       thing!




A funny video compilation …  but what Not to do.

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